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Complete Mortgage Licensing is the Nation’s only “one stop” mortgage licensing firm with all services, licensing, qualifications, and bonding all under one roof.  We provide licensing services to mortgage brokers, lenders, bankers, and servicers who are seeking to expand the scope of their business by obtaining additional State or Federal licenses.  Additionally, we offer consumer loan and commercial licensing services.  Click here to request more information about our Services.

Although no licensing preparation company can guarantee licensure, we guarantee your application will initially be done correctly so your credentials can be approved at the State’s earliest convenience.  We also provide foreign qualifications and recommend registered agents for your Corporation, as well as prepare documents and filings for a new Corporation.

Why Choose Complete Mortgage Licensing?

  • We prepare all licensing paperwork including, but not limited to all State and Federal applications, exhibits and associative documentation.
  • We interact with State and Federal authorities on your behalf.
  • We give multi-state licensing discounts.
  • We make you understand exactly what you’re paying for.  We will discuss specific State requirements with you and help you choose states based upon your criteria and give you a complete calculation of all of the costs associated with licensure.
  • We will discuss strategies with you that will assist you in expanding your business and give you the most impact for your licensing dollar.  We will give you current market information and demographics which will position you in States producing the most revenue.
  • If you want to become FHA approved, we will complete the process for you in a timely and accurate manner assuring your application package is correct prior to submission to the Federal Housing Administration. This will ensure a speedy review by Federal authorities and avoid common mistakes made which would result in your application being returned or denied.  Though no licensing firm can guarantee approval, we have extensive experience with Federal licensure, and, to date, have not had a denial.
  • We are the Nation’s only Complete Mortgage Licensing Firm; We truly are FULL-SERVICE.

Whether you are seeking to become licensed nationwide, or, you’re expanding slowly into one or more states, we will discuss with you requirements for licensure in any or all states you choose.